Review on App Marketing Services


Mobile users are becoming increasingly averse to spending big on mobile apps. While developers find paid apps more rewarding commercially, the free apps circuit can be a great source of revenue as well, if in-app advertising is effectively tapped. It’s a given that mobile applications will witness massive growth in upcoming years. A high number of those apps would be free, and would heavily bank on in-app advertising to pay their way. In fact, in-app advertising revenues are projected to hit $2.4 billion by the end of the year, and $7.1 billion by 2015 (Source: CNET). Therefore, for the best monetization of your free mobile app, in-app marketing must definitely be in the scheme of things. If you are just starting off, mobile ad networks like InMobi and AdMob are probably one of the best ways to kick things off. These networks offer easy apps integration, thereby helping you draw revenues almost immediately. However, some apps owners, especially first-timers and novices, might find themselves up against low, initial CPM rates. As your app catches on, your CPM rates will certainly increase. I strongly suggest you to visit app marketing services to learn more about this.

Rich media ads are another revenue generating resource which can help your app catch more eyeballs and acquire considerable volumes of recurring traffic. With their high visual impact, rich media ads pull in greater viewership and better CPMs. Finances can be a constraint though. A convenient way to work through limited finances can be ad exchanges. Singing up for ad exchanges can be immensely useful since it lets you integrate with several ad networks at one go. However, you will have to develop a whole variety of content optimized for different ad networks. This may soak up quite some time and effort. A sustainable workaround could be getting your mobile app sponsored by advertisers. Of course, it’s a given that your app has to be aligned with sponsor’s core business. However, novices and rookies developers may take a while to get sponsorships relative to the bigger app publishers.

Mobile apps, free or paid, pay their way only if the concept is effectively developed, which straightaway places the onus on quality development. Apps developers Softwaredevelopersindia have been in the game for years, developing diverse cross-platform mobile apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Blackberry devices, for a wide international audience. To achieve best monetization of your app, SDI suggests: If feasible, offer both free and paid versions of the same app. It will help you run the free version without fretting over returns. Offer potential customers usable apps while making best use of smartphone-specific features, such as accelerometer, voice calling etc. This always results in better user engagement.

Stay Original: Originality is always hard to find in most endeavors and app development is no different. Most apps tend to overlap each other in terms of functionality and user appeal, and with app stores already overloaded with apps, an original idea may be hard to conceive. Reinventing the wheel and making it work for a different audience, however, is one sure way to get success as you have now provided a different perspective on a problem and serving a new community.

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