Wedding Insurance, Budgeting, And How Not to Do It

As we continue to enjoy the turmoil generated by the economic downturn, wedding insurance has increasingly become one of those aspects which people have chosen to ignore in order to try to keep the overall cost of the wedding to a minimum. Planning a wedding is very rarely cheap, and so often couples will be making a number of tough decisions as far as what to buy, what to pay for, and what they can get away with not having. There are some optional extras which have increasingly fallen by the wayside.Click to find out more about wedding insurance website

Traditionally many couples have purchased bottles of wine and liberally spread them around the tables for the reception, but many couples are cutting back on such generous frivolities, letting their friends and family by their own drinks instead. Having a lavishly tiered wedding cake can certainly look good for the photographs, but having two out of the three tiers made of cardboard is another way in which couples are helping their budget to stretch further.

These and many other examples are certainly viable ways in which couples can help their wedding budget stretch as far as they need it to in order to have a truly memorable and magical day. But choosing to cut out wedding insurance is not cutting out an optional extra. Granted, as you walk up the aisle, stand up to give a speech, pose for photographs, or tuck into your wedding meal, nobody is going to stand and admire your wedding insurance policy. Nobody will compliment you on your choice of insurance company, there will be no photographs of your policy document, and after the event nobody will be reminiscing happily about the wording of paragraph 3 subsection 2.

But this doesn’t in any way mean that a wedding insurance policy should be considered an extra. It is precisely because of the fact that we are still experiencing an economic downturn that it is more critical than ever to make sure you have the cover you need. Only very recently a major wedding company called Confetti went bust, much to the surprise of many of those within the industry who had seen that company as an established and trusted brand. There is no such thing these days as a completely future proof and reliable service provider, and failing to take out suitable wedding insurance will place you in a very precarious position.

Without suitable cover you will be entirely and completely at the mercy of a dozen or more service suppliers, most of whom you won’t have previously had anything to do with, and so won’t have any firsthand experience of, and certainly will have no control over.

If they run into financial difficulties, you will have nowhere to turn. You may think that you will at least get your deposit back, or a refund on any money already paid, but it is worth remembering that if a supplier goes bankrupt then you may well be at the very bottom of the list of creditors, and may well receive absolutely nothing. Wedding insurance doesn’t have to cost much, but not taking out wedding insurance may very well cost a good deal more.

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